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Quite simply, my life revolves around animals! I have shared my life with dogs, cats, horses, goats, and cows. As an artist, painting pets was a natural calling for me.  A commissioned, hand painted portrait of your pet will be a lasting memory as well as a cherished memorial to those you once loved and have passed over the rainbow bridge.  My goal is to capture the spirit and personality of your pet. A hand painted watercolor portrait is the perfect, thoughtful gift for someone who has it all.  

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The buzz...

Childhood Memories

© 2013
11x14 Watercolor

“This was the best gift I could have given my Mom! This is so

special. She loved it!

Thank you so much!":: Alex in Palm Coast, Florida


© 2008
11x14 Watercolor

“This was the best gift ever! My friend could not get over how you were

able to capture Monty's personality in his eyes. She thanks me every time

I see her! Fantastic job!” :: Jan in Flagler Beach, Florida


© 2008 (In Loving Memory)
11x14 Watercolor

“Thank you so much for bringing a bright light into the life of someone who truly needed it. This was by far the best gift I could have given my sister. Funny, true story... After she opened it she set the painting against the couch and gazed at it. The cat, who was Shadow's best buddy walked up, meowed and then laid down in front of the painting staring. After a few more meows, the cat walked up to the painting and looked behind it and then again in front, while continuing to meow. If I had not seen this with my own eyes, I never would have believed it! We call it our Christmas miracle. My sister says she will find the cat occasionally staring at the painting on the wall.” :: Nancy in California


© 2013
11x14 Watercolor

“Kelly, thank you so much for making this Christmas gift one of the best I've ever given my wife! She was so surprised that I could have thought of such a thoughtful gift (her words!) She cried when she saw it was a painting of her precious girl. And thank you for getting the mat, frame and for a stupendous wrap job! We both love it!” :: Dick in Ormond Beach


The Girls

© 2009 (In Loving Memory)
18x23 Watercolor

“Wow! What an amazing job. You are so talented! I love, love, love my painting. I will treasure it always. ” :: Dawn, Greenville, California


© 2009

“I entered my name to win a painting at a charity event to raise money for war dogs. I am so blessed that I won! The money went to a great cause and the painting is priceless! Thank you for the "win-win" gift.” :: Jill in Orlando, Florida


© 2008 (In Loving Memory)
11x14 Watercolor

“I didn't have Moss for very long, but the short time that I had him, he made a major impact on my life. He was one of those "special" dogs. Thank you so much for capturing his image so perfectly.” :: from Santa Cruz, California


© 2008 (In Loving Memory)
11x14 Watercolor

“This painting has so emotion for me. Grizzley was a great dog and I cannot thank you enough for bringing is likeness to life! You are truly gifted.” :: Santa Cruz, California

Bulldog Wedding-The Ring Bearers

© 2006
11x14 Watercolor

“Kelly, thank you for a truly personalized, special gift. Tears were streaming down her face as my daughter opened this gift. Her bulldogs are her babies and were the ring bearers in her wedding. She has selected a prominent place in her living room to show off her portrait. I need to be honest and tell you you need to charge more! Thanks so much.” :: Pat Rogers, Holly Hill, Florida.

Animal Inspired Artistry

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.”Anatole France